Alex Dunne has been adapting well to his new life in Formula 3, so we thought we would give the MP Motorsport rookie one more challenge by asking him to build the perfect driver.

The Irishman makes some interesting choices when designing his perfect driver and even gives himself the nod for a couple of key traits. You can see which ones below…

Kacper Sztuka: My Ultimate Driver


“I would probably go with Fernando Alonso. I don’t even think I really need to explain that one, it's pretty obvious to be honest. He's a very clever driver, you can see it all the time, so I think I'll go with Fernando.”


“In the wet I will go with Max Verstappen. I can't remember which year it was, but I always remember that race he did in Brazil when he only just started in F1 with Red Bull, that was pretty crazy, so I'll go with Max.”

Dunne says he would take Charles Leclercs qualifying ability when building the perfect driver
Dunne says he would take Charles Leclerc's qualifying ability when building the perfect driver


“I think for this one, Charles Leclerc. Charles is very, very good over one lap, as we have all seen. He is someone who manages to extract the most out of whatever car he is in, and he is always pretty much in the top two or three every time.”


“I don't really know to be honest. I guess I'll go with Max again. I think for most of the drivers, if you are good over one lap or a race distance, you have to be good at most of the corners so I will go with Max.”

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“You know what, I’m going to say me for this one. I'll say my tyre management at least from what I have seen so far in terms of from testing and the small number of races we have done so far, I've felt like my tyre management has been pretty good, so why not me.”


“I think that one has to go to Max again.”

Dunne would take his own tyre management skills when building the ultimate driver
Dunne would take his own tyre management skills when building the ultimate driver


“I think I'd like to say me again for this one. I think my driving style generally is quite on the smooth side, it always has been since I started. So, again I'd like to give myself that one.”

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“I think I will go with Alonso again. In Brazil last year when he basically got Sergio Perez on the final lap, that was a really good one, so I think I’ll pick Fernando for overtaking.”


“You've put me on the spot here. I can’t think of any so probably not.”