From his first time in a go-kart, to meeting his childhood hero, Sebastian Vettel, David Beckmann looks back on his junior motorsport career to date to pick out the moments that made him.


“The first moment would be at the very, very start of my career when I first went to a go-karting track with my dad. We went to a rental track near my house - it was actually very random.

“We found out that there was a karting track and decided to drive some laps. I think that was the first very important moment that made me because that is how everything started - it could very easily never have happened, but I guess that my destiny wanted it.”

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“When I was a bit older, around 2013, I was winning in the WSK, which is the World Championships for karting. It was always a dream of mine to be on the podium in that series.

“You have this big trophy with the earth inside hands and I was dreaming of that when I was younger, so it felt great when it happened in 2013.”

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“This was in 2007, I was really young and I met Sebastian Vettel for the first time. As a young child, that was a really big thing. I had seen how he went to F1 and how he achieved everything. For a little boy like me, it was a great thing to meet him and it showed me that I really wanted to achieve this and that I needed to work for it.

“I met him at a karting track near me, he was with BMW at the time as the Sauber Test Driver. He was at the track coaching young kids. He came again the next year when he was testing for Toro Rosso. That was a very, very special moment.”