We hand the reigns over to Felipe Drugovich who crafts a new addition to the FIA Formula 3 calendar. Choosing everything from the country, to the celebrities that he would invite, the Brazilian ace creates a new race weekend.

Which country would the race be based in?

Do I even have to tell you? Brazil for sure.

Driving in Brazil would be nice for me I think. I have never raced a car in Brazil, only go karts, so it would be quite a nice experience for me to drive a race car there. People are quite nice there and it would mean more Brazilian people would get to know me.

Which city in that country?

I would have it in Interlagos, alongside the F1 race there. Interlagos is in Sao Paulo and I am 600km from there, in Maringá, which is a little bit more south western. I think Interlagos though, because that it is the best racing track in Brazil.

Would it be a street or a track race?

The same circuit as F1. I would keep the one that they already have and add F3 into it, which would be nice.

Would it be a wet or a dry race?

Depends which I am quickest in! If I am quicker in the dry, then I would want it dry. That hasn't really been the case so far this year, but we are still developing the car, so I will go with dry.

Would it be a day or a night race?

A night race at Interlagos would be really cool, for sure.

Which celebrity would attend the event?

He would already be there, but probably Lewis Hamilton. There are many other people that you could talk about, but I am very into Motorsport, so I think that it would be nice to have people from Motorsport there to talk to. I think most important thing would be to get some tips from him laughs.