Bent Viscaal joins us for an in-depth look at his race weekend essentials. From iPads and AirPods to helmets and hats and much more, we find out what he can’t travel without.

The MP Motorsport man talks about his eyedrops, a selection of healthy snacks and explains why Beats are his headphones of choice.


"These are all for my warmup. The tennis balls are for juggling and working on my reflexes and the skipping rope is to warm me up. Just to get in the flow of things."


“As you can see, there are a lot of nuts and snacks. I really like them. Cashews nuts - unsalted of course - almonds, stuff like that. Some people use protein bars, but I prefer to have cashew nuts or almonds, because it is more natural.”


“Last year I was using glasses, but I’ve now switched to contact lenses. The only issue was that they dried my eyes out after a couple of laps, so I was searching for a solution and I found it in this little bottle here.

“I saw them advertised during a football match, so it was good marketing. I use them pre-race and then it is fine for three or four hours.”

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“Very basic stuff really. I have tried a few different brands and these seem to work the best for me. That and the fact that the guy who sells them only lives five minutes away from my house, so it is also a bit of laziness!”


“There’s not really a reason as to why I chose Beats. I brought my first Beats when I was ten and they lasted for seven years, so I thought that was pretty good and chose them again.

“The music I listen to varies, if I need to be pumped up, then I will listen to harder pop music, or a little bit of hard rock. If I need to calm down, then some softer pop music. It’s so random, I don't have a set plays list, I just press shuffle.”

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“You need your laptop with you. For example, if you want to watch television on the internet, like Netflix, to relax. I am currently watching Better Call Saul, which is the prequel to Breaking Bad. I have been watching the F1 Documentary and Ronnie Coleman the King as well, although I don't get much time for Netflix to be honest. I use my laptop to watch races back on F1TV as well.”