Thoughts from Minì, Beganovic and Aron

FIA Formula 3: Congratulations to the top three finishers of the FIA Formula 3 Feature Race here in Monte Carlo. In third place, Paul Aron for PREMA Racing, in second place Dino Beganovic, also for PREMA Racing and taking his maiden win in Formula 3, our race winner, Gabriele Minì for Hitech Pulse-Eight. Gabriele, many congratulations on a fantastic drive today. You were quickest in Free Practice, quickest in Qualifying, and took home the win today from pole. How are you feeling after this weekend?

Gabriele Minì: It was a really good weekend! Especially doing in Monaco in this way, doing a really good lap in Qualifying, being quick from Free Practice already and getting the fastest lap today. It's amazing, it's really special so I'm just really grateful to the team for the car they gave me and it was a really good race today.

FIA Formula 3: We saw Dino closing within your DRS in the closing stages of the race; how did it feel from within the car? Were you under pressure at any point or did you feel the race was in your control?

Minì: Of course, it's never the nicest feeling when you have someone really close in the mirror for sure. In the end, everything was under control I was just trying to not destroy the tyres since I had to push really hard to get the fastest lap at the beginning. It was all pretty much under control!

FIA Formula 3: Today’s result has put you up into P2 in the Championship standings, does your performance this weekend give you confidence for your campaign?

Minì: It gives you a lot of confidence, but to be honest, every weekend is its own story. What I've got to do in two days is reset, start all over again from zero and try to be quick in Barcelona.

FIA Formula 3: Congratulations again Gabriele, a great drive by you. Dino coming to you; a second podium and your best finish in F3 so far this year? How are you feeling?

Dino Beganovic: I'm feeling good, happy to bring home 18 points today. I wanted more already from Qualifying. Still, P2 is a very good result, the best one of the year. It was close in the end, I tried to put as much pressure as possible on Gabriele but it wasn't enough. We showed really strong pace so I'm really happy about this.

FIA Formula 3: Like you say; you were closing in on P1 in the final laps, it was a fantastic chase. Were there any opportunities to make a move, or was it just about piling the pressure on?

Beganovic: It was about putting pressure, we all know it's really difficult to overtake in Monaco and when the tyres are degrading so much it's about putting pressure on and trying to force the other driver to make a mistake. Gabriele didn't make a big mistake so he didn't give me an opportunity in the end but I did my best to stay close and I did what I could.

FIA Formula 3: Congratulations Dino, a well-deserved podium finish. Paul, coming to you, your second podium of the season as well, but your first time getting to actually stand on the podium, and in Monaco no less, how did it feel?

Paul Aron: Obviously it was great to finally stand on the podium and score solid points. Like I said on Friday, I had a difficult time here last year so it was great to stand on the podium this year and do a solid job. I wasn't maybe at the level of Dino and Gabriele this weekend so props to them, they both did a really good job. I think I can be quite happy and with what we had I think we maximised quite well our potential this weekend.

FIA Formula 3: You had to fend off Luke Browning with some defensive driving to seal the P3. It seemed like you were in control, despite the pressure.

Aron: I was never really properly under pressure, I had a similar race yesterday and we were struggling yesterday. I think today was much better, but it seemed like Luke was really quick the whole race. We were catching the guys in front and he was still really close to the back of me. Of course, it's a little bit of pressure but I never really felt like he had a proper chance, I was managing my tyres, doing my own race and focusing on the exit on the last corner and Turn 8 which is the two places you could have a chance. That was basically it.

FIA Formula 3: Congratulations to you too Paul for another well-deserved podium.