We hand the reins over to Cameron Das who crafts a new addition to the FIA Formula 3 calendar. Choosing everything from the country, to the celebrities that he would invite, the American ace creates a new race weekend.

Where would the race be held?

I’d hold the race in the United States of course! F1 is growing quickly there, and I think there is demand for a race on the east coast especially. I chose the state of Maryland not only because it’s my home, but also because it’s centrally located making for easy access from anywhere on the coast or even East Canada. The area in and around Washington D.C. is stunning, and the plethora of nearby airports makes it the ideal location. Now all F1 needs is an American driver!

How would the track be laid out?

Das Ring would take place on an actual track. Street races are awesome, but don’t think there is a city that would geographically fit a track as crazy as Das Ring.

The track is entirely made up of my favourite corners and sequences from around the world. Some of these sequences include massive undulations and high g-force loads; however, the track isn’t without its overtaking opportunities, in the form of big brake-zones. The track surface is grippy and low on tyre degradation, allowing drivers to be on the limit for longer.

Presenting Das Ring

Day or night race?

A day race would be idea.

Wet or dry race?

Weather-wise, I think a race that starts dry with a fully rubbered in track that turns wet right at the end would give the fans a show and the drivers a real challenge.

Which celebrity would attend the event?

Personally, I’d love for some of my favourite YouTubers to attend the race. Some of which include: Tavarish, LinusTechTips, Marques Brownlee, VinWiki, Doug Demuro, Hoovies Garage, Jimmy Broadbent, and Mr JWW.