Thoughts from Hadjar, Martins & Ushijima

FIA Formula 3: Many congratulations to the top three finishers of the FIA Formula 3 Sprint Race here at Silverstone in third place, Reece Ushijima for Van Amersfoort Racing in second place, Victor Martins for ART Grand Prix and taking his second win of the season, Isack Hadjar for Hitech Grand Prix. Now, Isack, many congratulations. The car seemed to come alive at the end of that race.

Isack Hadjar: From Free Practice we were already really happy with the car balance. It didn't go as well as we wanted in Qualifying, but this morning we found that pace again. I just felt on the rails the whole race. Pretty much no tyre deg, so I could push for 18 laps. I felt really good in the car. So thanks to my team.

FIA Formula 3: Now talk us through the start of the race, from fourth on the grid.

Hadjar: It was a pretty calm one. I was attacking Maini I think, but I couldn't do anything. So I was staying fourth. From that point, I just started to use my pace advantage and one by one, I got them.

FIA Formula 3: Now what have you learnt in today's race at Silverstone that will help you in tomorrow's Feature Race?

Hadjar: That DRS is really powerful in the Hanger straight. So if you have to make your move, it's definitely there. And you don't want to be the car in front for the heading into Maggots and Becketts.

FIA Formula 3: Well, many congratulations to you. Great victory today. Victor coming to you, what are your emotions after a race like that, so near yet so far?

Victor Martins: At first a bit frustrated because you know, you lead the race for three quarters or even until the last two laps. So just a bit of frustration, but after that, I just see that it's important that we take the points it's nine points so it's just one less than the victory. Then we need to understand what happened, what we have seen today, and what was the feeling in the car, to improve it for tomorrow. I think with how the DRS is working it could be a good opportunity to come back. For sure it's still a good podium and it's always good to thank the team like that.

FIA Formula 3: What was the car like to drive in that race?

Martins: It was just difficult from lap one to the end. Not so much tyre deg, like Isaac said, but I was struggling with the front, and rotating the car and stopping it to take the apexes in the slow and medium corners. We need to work on that to improve the overall pace of the race.

FIA Formula 3: So you're starting a little bit further back tomorrow. What are the goals in the Feature Race?

Martins: First to do an amazing start, like I'm doing every race because I think we have a good strategy for the race. With the feeling in the car, I always try to make the most out of it and it's always successful. So I will say to take a good start and then see the opportunities in front of me. To not be too aggressive to look around me and look forward, because today I was looking in my mirrors. I think it would be easier to focus on myself tomorrow.

FIA Formula 3: Thank you, Victor. Well done today. And Reece, many congratulations, your first podium in FIA Formula 3 how sweet was the view from the podium?

Reece Ushijima: Really, really good! You dream about it for a long time, and especially to be here in front of a lot of British fans was really nice. Although we wanted a bit more today, it's still a really good learning experience and I'm glad to be on the podium here.

FIA Formula 3: Just talk us through your expectations coming into that race on pole position?

Ushijima: I mean, obviously I wanted to win. With my experience, I knew if I was on the podium, I would be happy. As I said, I learned a lot throughout the race. I didn't have the best start on my side but it's all learning experiences. I think we can improve a lot with the car as well and on my side too so it's a good positive step towards some better results in the future.

FIA Formula 3: How are you gelling with your team, Van Amersfoort Racing, it's their first season in f3 this year and it's just amazing what you guys are achieving together?

Ushijima: Yeah, 100%. I think the first couple of rounds on my side haven't been the best, but the team took me in with open arms since the start of the year and we worked hard over the winter. It wasn't easy being a new team in the Championship. But you can see with my teammates that they are doing a great job and within the team, we have great energy. So we'll just keep it going and see where I can help us at the end of the year.

FIA Formula 3: All right, best of luck going forward, and well done today.