Jak Crawford joins us for an in-depth look at his race weekend essentials. From iPads and AirPods to helmets and hats and much more, we find out what the grid can’t travel without.

The Hitech Grand Prix driver talks through a selection of items that are centred around keeping his mind and body focused.


“I wear a lot of hats because my hair is a bit crazy. I always make sure I am prepared with a few. I have three different colours of the same hat here with me now, including the one I am wearing. It's not really a signature style, I just have a lot of similar hats in different colours.

“I have more at home but have only brought three with me for this trip and they just happen to be the same style. I always have hats with me because when I get out of bed my hair is a bit crazy.”

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“I take them everywhere I go. On planes, they are nice because they are noise cancelling, and then I always use them before races as well to help my warm-up.

“I have a playlist that is mostly made up of dance music, which helps me to get amped up. I listen to a lot of Medusa, I'd say they're a favourite.”


“This is the main part of my warm-up. I start with my stretches and then I go through eight to ten minutes with the jump rump just doing different skips. My headphones come in useful for this.”

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“I have already gone through a few of these this year. Like the headphones, it comes everywhere with me. I feel like I am always needing to use it.”


“It's a Red Bull branded bottle. Red Bull have been so helpful in my career so far. They moved me up to F3 this year, which was a dream of mine. It is cool to have the items like the drink’s bottles and the hats so that I can support the brand.”