It will be Callum Voisin’s first time in Monte Carlo for a racing weekend and the Rodin Motorsport rookie is anticipating a fun but challenging few days in the Principality.

He was beaming ahead of the on-track running getting underway on Thursday and says he can’t wait to get started.

“It’s one of the most historic racing venues of all time. Obviously, it’ll be my first time here, so it'll be interesting being between the walls all weekend. But I'm extremely excited. I think we're coming off a fairly positive weekend in Imola, where we made a good few steps. So, I’m looking forward to the show.”

The Briton suffered an unfortunate Imola weekend, but he was very happy with the team’s overall improvement in raw pace after testing.

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Voisin believes that the team didn’t rest on their laurels in the gap between Barcelona and Imola either, and believes the team has found even more pace in the car.

“I think we've made some really good steps. I think certainly since Barcelona, we made a good step and then I think we made another step in Imola. It was just a shame I couldn't show that and get the results that the team deserved after a mistake of my own in Qualifying.

Voisin says that Rodin Motorsport have found some speed in recent weeks
Voisin says that Rodin Motorsport have found some speed in recent weeks

“But we're looking good for the rest of the season. It's nice to come back straight into another race weekend. It's only been two days since we were last in the car, so a very quick turnaround.”

Looking ahead to the weekend on track, there’s already question marks over what weather conditions will greet the drivers when they first venture out onto circuit on Thursday for Free Practice.

Changeable conditions are forecast over the course of the race weekend, though Voisin expects to be learning from the very first lap whatever the weather.

The Rodin rookie indicated that getting into a rhythm as quickly as possible will be the focus for him and teammate Joseph Loake, who will also be facing Monaco for the first time this weekend.

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“It depends on what the weather's like. It looks pretty mixed, I think. For Joe and I, it will be the first time around here, so learning the track and getting into a bit of a rhythm is going to be important and we're starting off with the Mediums and then going onto the Softs, so that will make things a bit more interesting

“But in general, I think laps and more laps will be the most important thing and then after that in Qualifying, that is going to be all about whatever you dare to do.”

With his weekend in Imola put behind him, Voisin says that his focus is now on Monte Carlo and bouncing back in convincing fashion.

He believes that the team has the speed in the car to reach the all-important top 12 in Qualifying and says that whoever risks the most over the one flying lap and avoids the barriers will come out on top.

“Top 12 is within reach, it’s up to myself to do it now. Getting right up and as close the walls as possible is going to be the most important thing. Whoever uses the most track and whoever dares to do the most is probably going to be on top.”