Four drivers have received penalties following Round 8 Feature Race in Zandvoort.

Firstly, Oliver Bearman has been awarded a Drive Through penalty for failing to maintain the proper gap behind the Safety Car at Turns 12-14. The Stewards determined that prior to the second Safety Car restart, the PREMA Racing driver fell several seconds behind the car ahead, due to uncertainty about when he could close up, and severely disrupted the cars behind him at the restart – breaching the regulations requiring a gap of no more than 10 car lengths to the driver ahead.

As the penalty could not be served in race, it has been converted to a 20-second time penalty. This demotes Bearman from P10 to P25 in the final classification, promoting Alexander Smolyar into the final points-paying position.

Meanwhile, Zak O’Sullivan has received a 10-second time penalty after being found to be predominantly responsible for causing a collision with Bearman at Turn 9. The Stewards noted that the Carlin driver was ahead into the approach to Turn 9. Bearman then made a move to the inside, establishing a position with more than half of his car alongside the Carlin driver and in control of his PREMA car. Consequently, he established the right to have room at the apex of the corner, where O’Sullivan closed the door and the two made contact.

This penalty drops O’Sullivan from P12 to P23 in the final classification.

Additionally, Juan Manuel Correa has been handed a 10-second time penalty for causing a collision with Rafael Villagómez at Turn 9. The ART Grand Prix driver entered the corner on the inside line, with the Van Amersfoort Racing driver on the outside line. Jenzer Motorsport’s Ido Cohen then moved from behind Correa to the outside, staying at his rear left, as Villagómez was in the lead. The American driver missed the apex, understeered out and made contact with the black and orange VAR car.

With the penalty applied, Correa moves from P18 to P24 in the final classification.

Lastly, Brad Benavides has been given a three-place grid drop for the next race he participates in after being found wholly responsible for causing a collision with William Alatalo. The Carlin driver miscalculated his braking point and collided with the Jenzer Motorsport car at the exit of Turn 2.