Igor Fraga created quite the buzz amongst motor racing enthusiasts when he became the first Esports racer to compete on the Road to F1, signing with Charouz Racing System In FIA Formula 3 for 2020.

But, who is the Brazilian? We spoke to the man himself to get an insight on the rookie driver and what you can expect from him during the season.

Name: Igor Fraga

Date of birth: 26/09/1998

Racing style:

“My racing style is usually very smooth, but I’m very passionate about what I do, and I don’t give up”

First racing memory:

“When I started karting, I was only around three-years-old and to be honest, I don’t have much memory of that, but since I can remember, I have always loved cars and have been driving since racing karts.”

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Racing hero:

“My racing hero is Ayrton Senna. Since I was little, my grandparents used to send me documentaries of him, and the way that he drove in that bright yellow helmet with so much passion and determination stood out to me a lot.”

Favourite track on the F3 calendar:

“I would say Bahrain, or Silverstone. I have never actually been on these two tracks before, but I enjoy them a lot when driving on the simulators. The fluid fast sections of both tracks are really amazing!"

"The way that Senna drove in that bright yellow helmet with so much passion and determination stood out to me."

Greatest racing achievement:

“I have three, so I will put them chronologically…

“The first one is the Asian Karting Championship, which I won in 2008. All five tracks were new to me and the challenge to be fighting on top of each of them was really big.

“The second one was the FIA Gran Turismo Championship in 2018, which I won. I had been putting so much effort into virtual racing at that time because I believed that could be a big opportunity for me and it happened. It is still crazy to think about it.

“The last one is the race which I won in Austria in Formula Regional. We had been having a tough year until then and we improved the car a lot heading into that round. I had an issue with the tyre in Race 2 of that weekend and it complicated the things for Race 3.

“My pace wasn’t there but I fought until the end and could score my first win in the category. It was pretty emotional for me.”