Carlin Buzz Racing and Logan Sargeant have endured a tricky Formula 3 campaign at times, collecting just five points throughout 2019, so they entered the FIA F3 World Cup with a point to prove.

Having secured third place and the final spot on the podium, they left with that point proven, and the American racer was feeling pretty thankful for the stellar job they done across the event.

“I am feeling pretty good,” he said. “First off, I have to thank Carlin. They have done an absolutely brilliant job this weekend. I think we have come here with full force and full preparation.

“It's been a difficult year and that’s why I want to really thank Carlin, because we’ve really brought something extra here and we have worked hard for it.”

The 18-year-old rookie impressed throughout the full four-days, finishing every session inside of the top ten, before starting the main event in sixth place. The American enjoyed a sterling start to the race, launching past experienced Macau operators Callum Ilott and Alessio Lorandi in the first few laps.

The defining moment came towards the tail end of the race, when a long-standing battle with Christian Lundgaard ended with a ballsy overtake of the ART ace at the Lisboa turn.

The American explained the move, before concluding with a steely warning to his rivals: “I just remembered that I had a good slip stream. I got alongside him, and I wasn’t quite there yet, but I was confident on the brakes, so I just braked really late and that got me enough in front of him to make the corner.

“It’s been nice to come to a proper track, where you are driving right between the walls. I think it has gone really well for my debut, but I am planning on coming back next year and winning it!”