Hitech Grand Prix’s Nazim Azman is expecting a busy weekend at Spa-Francorchamps, a circuit which the Malaysian driver says can create overtaking “everywhere”.

The Belgian circuit will host the first round of a triple-header that will decide the F3 season in rapid style, and things are set to get off to a hectic start according to the Hitech man.

“I had a few weeks off just to relax and stuff. And now, you know, I think I'm quite ready. I'm back into the groove of everything, I feel more confident this weekend, hopefully I can get a good result.

“Overtaking is good here, it's a wide track, it's very nice. It's one of the easier tracks to make moves around and hopefully we can make up a lot of positions in the races. If it rains, I don't mind, but we've had rain for four races in a row, so I don't know if I want that. Almost everywhere you can make a move. I think there's three or four good opportunities where you can make good overtakes. Turn One and down the back straight before the last corner from the bus stop.

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Azman has clear aims for the next three rounds of the season, picking out Qualifying as the main component to improve upon. While his target is clear, the nature of the Spa circuit could negate any losses on a Saturday.

Heading into the weekend, the Hitech driver says the team has always rebounded well from setbacks it has suffered so far, and there’s plenty of time to secure a strong result before the chequered flag for 2022 at Monza.

“I'm pretty confident. I think our response has always been good, but we have been quite unlucky with Safety Cars and that kind of thing. So we haven't been able to make up as much positions.

“I think it's just to get my Qualifying down and that one lap pace, just ensuring that we have a good spot for the races because obviously, it's much easier to finish in front if you start in front. I think that's the main goal and that will be my main focus over the next three weekends.”