Go behind the visor with Campos racer Alex Peroni, who discusses the design of his helmet and delves into the backstory of where it all began.

The Australian discusses his childhood nickname, his colour scheme, and the Australian theme of his helmet.

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“I have had a very similar helmet design since the start of my career,” explained Peroni. “I have always had an orange design because that was my favourite colour as a kid, so I had to have that on my helmet. The orange matches well with Campos too.

“When I was karting as a kid, I had the nickname flash, which explains the side of my helmet. Originally it was the Flash Gordon symbol, but now it has transformed into something a little different, with the wings and stuff.

“The basic mechanics of it have stayed the same or similar: The Flash section on the side, the background colour of orange and the Aussie flag. I have always had an Aussie flag somewhere. This year, I have got it on the top. My designer is from Tasmania, so it is all Tasmanian made in Australia.

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“I have only made subtle changes. For example, I have gone with fluorescent orange this year and it matches the car perfectly.

“We didn’t want the helmet to be too complex - I think a lot of helmets these days are a bit too crazy and you kind of miss out on the detail. We wanted it to be noticeable, clean and to retain all of the different elements from my past years. I think we've done a decent job on that front."