Two major changes will be introduced from the start of the 2020 Formula 3 campaign in the Sporting Regulations that will impact Race 2. First of all, the first ten finishers from Race 1 will now start Race 2 in reverse order. This means that the driver who finished tenth in the Saturday Race will start from reverse pole on Sunday, while P9 will start from P2, P8 from P3, all the way to the Race 1 winner starting from tenth on Race 2.

Moreover, the number of positions eligible to score points in Race 2 has been increased to the top ten drivers. The points for the first five positions will remained unaltered (15, 12, 10, 8, 6) with P6 now earning 5 points, seventh place 4 points, eighth 3 points, ninth 2 points and 10th 1 point.

The points awarded in Race 1 will not change.

These changes will be first seen at Round 1 which will take place at Sakhir, Bahrain on March 20-22.

CEO Bruno Michel said: “Having a grid of thirty drivers means that finishing in the top 10 is already a huge achievement, and we felt that it should be rewarded in both races rather than solely in the first race.

“Therefore, from this season onwards, we have decided that, we will reverse the top 10 for Race 2, instead of the Top 8, and that the top 10 drivers of both races will take points. This will give more drivers the opportunity to score and end the year with a better reflection of their accomplishment over the season.”