After a much-improved second round of the season, Ayumu Iwasa’s Round 3 was a lot more up and down: the Hitech Grand Prix racer was disqualified from Race 1 and out of the points in Race 2, before scoring his best finish to date in the final race on Sunday.

The Stewards had their hands full during Round 3, with Iwasa one of 11 drivers to receive post-Race 1 penalties on Saturday, his disqualification from ninth coming after he failed to come into the pits when he received a black and orange flag.

The result had him starting at the backend of the grid in Race 2, where he managed to get up to 14th. While in Race 3, he translated P19 to sixth.

“It was very good for me, but I still have to improve a lot,” said Iwasa. “The car was very good, especially when following drivers. But it was also good when I was driving alone.

“For a little bit I got stuck behind Jonny (Edgar) and I have to improve on that and get past him. I think I have made big improvements on my driving, especially in the high speeds.”

Iwasa scored his best finish to date with P6 in Race 3
Iwasa scored his best finish to date with P6 in Race 3

Having scored his best Qualifying position in Round 2 with eighth, Iwasa was frustrated to be back down in 19th in Spielberg.

Despite sitting 11th in the Drivers’ Championship, ahead of both of his teammates, Iwasa was frustrated to have not matched Jak Crawford’s Qualifying exploits, after the American scored P5 on Friday.

“I think that we need more Quali improvements,” said Iwasa. “I think that I can still be better. Jak (Crawford) was very quick in Quali, and I am comparing myself with him.

“I have improved in the Qualifying, but through slow corners, I struggled and that isn't a good thing. I am looking forward to the next round and the next race.”