Michael, Ralf, Mick and now David. No name has been better represented than the Schumacher one at Macau. However, while his famous father may have won the event over two decades ago, David Schumacher is just looking to get grips with one of the most difficult tracks in the world of motorsport.

Taking part in his first ever FIA F3 World Cup, on just his third appearance in the Formula 3 car, Schumacher knows that he has a lot to learn, however, at just 18-years-old he has time on his side, as well as the wisdom that Ralf Schumacher is able to pass down to him.

Discussing the influence of his father, who has accompanied him to Macau this weekend, Schumacher began: “He have given me a lot of tips: which corners are tricky and why, what the bumps are like and how to handle them, and how to work the brakes and the throttle.

“Macau is completely different to any other track, in every way. There are huge bumps on the track here, which can bring a lot of headaches at the end of the day”

Known for its intense, high-speed straights, and unnervingly tight turns, the prospect of Macau can be a daunting one for a young driver. Despite the vast experience that he has in his corner, the German ace admitted that hidden behind the excitement, was a sprinkling of nerves.

“The first run, in the first session when I went out, I was just like ‘oh my God, how can you even race here?’ Lap by lap though, it got better and better and better.

“I am really excited by the high speeds in the really, really tight corners. It is fascinating here and just an amazing feeling to rush up in the tight parts. I am just trying to learn as much as possible at the moment really.”

In the five sessions so far, Schumacher has managed a highest placed finish of 18th, a solid attempt on his rookie appearance at the Guia Circuit. At one point, the German was running even higher in the Qualifying Race, sitting P10 before he was forced to pit midway through the session.

The rookie contingent in Macau is split across more experienced F3 racers, who have a full season under their belts, and those from more junior competitions, such as the Formula Regional European Championship that Schumacher competed in this year.

The young German explained that he will be focusing on the latter, while trying to gain as much knowledge as possible.

“There is no specific goal. I think that the biggest goal which you can set is just to finish in front of the other rookies – I’m just trying to learn as much as possible."