Mari Boya set the fastest time for the second consecutive day at the in-season test in Barcelona. The Campos Racing driver set a time of 1:27.034 in the morning session to lead his teammate Oliver Goethe by a slender margin.

The afternoon session was led by another pair of teammates, on this occasions it was Trident, as Leonardo Fornaroli’s 1:28.444 ended as the leading time ahead of Sami Meguetounif.


With rain having hit the track before the day’s play, the first hour included plenty of wet weather running, Hitech Pulse-Eight’s Luke Browning led the way with a time of 1:37.131.

The teams opted to then bolt on the slick tyres, and it was Boya that went quickest. The Campos driver’s time of 1:30.277 meant he topped the timesheets, two-tenths ahead of MP Motorsport’s Alex Dunne.

Then came the PREMA Racing #3 car of Arvid Lindblad, who completed a lap of 1:29.564 to take P1. His teammate Dino Beganovic followed him across the line but settled for second, nearly three-tenths behind.

The times continued to drop as conditions improved and entering the final hour of the session, Max Esterson went fastest after clocking a time of 1:28.174. His Jenzer Motorsport teammate Matías Zagazeta ended up in P2, 0.263s behind.

Goethe was second fastest in the morning behind his teammate Boya
Goethe was second fastest in the morning behind his teammate Boya

As we approached the last 30 minutes, Boya regained top spot, this time with a lap of 1:27.034, leading his teammate Goethe by just 0.073s.

The Campos pair remained as the top two for the rest of the session with Browning, who was four-tenths behind Boya, rounding out the top three.


Long runs were the focus to start the afternoon as Leonardo Fornaroli set the pace for Trident. The Italian’s time of 1:28.444 put him on top of the timesheets by over six-tenths to his teammate Sami Meguetounif in the early stages.

The Trident pair remained at the top of the leaderboard for the rest of the session with the teams opting for high fuel runs for the duration of the afternoon.

The session was then Red Flagged in the closing stages of the session when PHM AIX Racing’s Joshua Dufek came to a stop out on track. This brought an end to the week’s proceedings with Rodin Motorsport’s Callum Voisin rounded out the top three.

That concludes the in-season test in Barcelona with the drivers and teams left to chew over the data they have collected over the three days ahead of Round 3 in Imola which takes place on May 17-19.

Meguetounif was second behind teammate Fornaroli in the afternoon session on the final day
Meguetounif was second behind teammate Fornaroli in the afternoon session on the final day


1Mari BoyaESPCampos Racing1:27.03433
2Oliver GoetheDEUCampos Racing1:27.10736
3Luke BrowningGBRHitech Pulse-Eight1:27.43539
4Arvid LindbladGBRPREMA Racing1:27.44840
5Gabriele MinìITAPREMA Racing1:27.56535
6Alexander DunneIRLMP Motorsport1:27.57936
7Santiago RamosMEXTrident1:27.62430
8Dino BeganovicSWEPREMA Racing1:27.64540
9Tim TramnitzDEUMP Motorsport1:27.66534
10Laurens Van HoepenNLDART Grand Prix1:27.78636
11Martinius StenshorneNORHitech Pulse-Eight1:27.84441
12Christian MansellAUSART Grand Prix1:27.90235
13Sebastián MontoyaCOLCampos Racing1:27.91931
14Charlie WurzAUTJenzer Motorsport1:27.99829
15Sophia FloerschDEUVan Amersfoort Racing1:28.00734
16Nikola TsolovBGRART Grand Prix1:28.11039
17Max EstersonUSAJenzer Motorsport1:28.17432
18Matías ZagazetaPERJenzer Motorsport1:28.31932
19Cian ShieldsGBRHitech Pulse-Eight1:28.32543
20Kacper SztukaPOLMP Motorsport1:28.37441
21Joseph LoakeGBRRodin Motorsport1:28.44843
22Tommy SmithAUSVan Amersfoort Racing1:28.49735
23Piotr WisnickiPOLRodin Motorsport1:28.53337
24Nikita BedrinITAPHM AIX Racing1:28.57040
25Tasanapol InthraphuvasakTHAPHM AIX Racing1:28.65340
26Noel LeónMEXVan Amersfoort Racing1:28.77535
27Joshua DufekAUTPHM AIX Racing1:28.79437
28Callum VoisinGBRRodin Motorsport1:30.08338
29Leonardo FornaroliITATrident1:31.10925
30Sami MeguetounifFRATrident1:31.63819


1Leonardo FornaroliITATrident1:28.44414
2Sami MeguetounifFRATrident1:29.10614
3Callum VoisinGBRRodin Motorsport1:29.66238
4Santiago RamosMEXTrident1:29.70640
5Tasanapol InthraphuvasakTHAPHM AIX Racing1:30.15832
6Joshua DufekAUTPHM AIX Racing1:31.02534
7Noel LeónMEXVan Amersfoort Racing1:31.39652
8Mari BoyaESPCampos Racing1:31.47052
9Oliver GoetheDEUCampos Racing1:31.73158
10Joseph LoakeGBRRodin Motorsport1:31.84448
11Charlie WurzAUTJenzer Motorsport1:31.85360
12Piotr WisnickiPOLRodin Motorsport1:31.91042
13Sophia FloerschDEUVan Amersfoort Racing1:31.91049
14Luke BrowningGBRHitech Pulse-Eight1:31.95147
15Martinius StenshorneNORHitech Pulse-Eight1:32.08844
16Sebastián MontoyaCOLCampos Racing1:32.12156
17Max EstersonUSAJenzer Motorsport1:32.14433
18Tim TramnitzDEUMP Motorsport1:32.21148
19Christian MansellAUSART Grand Prix1:32.23155
20Nikita BedrinITAPHM AIX Racing1:32.30456
21Alexander DunneIREMP Motorsport1:32.30945
22Nikola TsolovBGRART Grand Prix1:32.40955
23Gabriele MinìITAPREMA Racing1:32.46456
24Tommy SmithAUSVan Amersfoort Racing1:32.60249
25Arvid LindbladGBRPREMA Racing1:32.60656
26Dino BeganovicSWEPREMA Racing1:32.61757
27Cian ShieldsGBRHitech Pulse-Eight1:32.71843
28Laurens Van HoepenNLDART Grand Prix1:32.75355
29Kacper SztukaPOLMP Motorsport1:32.86548
30Matías ZagazetaPERJenzer Motorsport1:32.99548