David Schumacher is the son of ex-Formula 1 driver Ralf and the 19-year-old is set to campaign the 2020 FIA Formula 3 season for Charouz Racing System. So, now that the coronavirus lockdown has kept him indoors, is he gorging on comfort foods and binging Netflix, or getting fresh air and preparing for the season ahead?

Here is how David Schumacher is spending his time, in his own words, giving fans a glimpse of his life away from the racetrack at the moment.


I’m currently at Salzburg, Austria at my home, and the lockdown is sad for everybody as there’s not a lot of free time outside. So as usual, I am staying at home most of the time – but for me, it’s quite OK, actually…

Keeping fit

I’m keeping my fitness levels strong, training nearly every day; only on Sunday do I not train. I have sessions with my personal trainer every second day and we do some workouts – and the other days of the week I go for a run, or climb hills with my father.

Father and son time Copyright @davidschumacher_official
Father and son time (Copyright: @davidschumacher_official)

Diet and nutrition

We cook all the time, every day, and it’s mostly healthy stuff – sometimes, about once a week, we’ll have pizza or something to enjoy, but most of the time we’re cooking healthy – so yeah, I’m staying quite fit!

Of course, I had one little chocolate bunny over Easter, but that was it. I’m trying to keep a good distance away from all the sweet stuff, which is not really healthy.

I like to cook Thai curry – red or yellow – either with chicken, beef or broccoli, which is one of my favourite things. We also have a dish where we put meat, mixed with vegetables and put a little bit of soya sauce in, so mostly we’re cooking Japanese or Thai – from the Asian side. And also a lot of fish. Cod is one of our favourites, and sometimes we grill in the garden.

Generally, we don’t eat too heavily in the evening, and for breakfast – nothing too sweet: bread with ham or cheese. And quite a lot during the day for training, to get the most out of our sessions.

Passing the time

If I’m not training, most of the time I’m driving on the simulator, playing some PlayStation with my friends or playing table tennis – that’s basically it. Cooking with my dad is also quite a lot of fun and there’s quite a lot to do around the house, so today I changed the lightbulbs that weren't working – I'm keeping busy and entertained here.

For the fans

Hopefully, the season will be restarted soon so we all can race again and you can enjoy watching us race.

As long as we're not racing, join us on online racing simulators as it can be quite fun and also interesting.

For all the racing fans, stay tuned,