What does a Formula 3 champion bring to the track with him? We caught up with Oscar Piastri to discuss his essential items at a race weekend, and the stories behind them. Including, a rather unfortunate anecdote about his F3 pass.


The story of how I got my first painted helmet is actually a little bit odd. I was planning to get a painted one in karting, but then I flipped and needed one quite quickly. We ended up buying a pre-designed one from Lucky Design. I liked that one and ended up keeping it. I added in some yellow, which was for my karting team, and now it works well with Renault. I have got the Australian flag in a few places as well.

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Pretty standard. Pretty useful on a track walk so that I am not blinded. I actually had to use them at Silverstone this year, which was a bit of a surprise as that’s the last place I’d expect to need them!


I never actually used to have one of these on the grid, but now that the races are a bit longer and a bit tougher, it is important to get some fluids in beforehand. Renault were kind enough to give me a drinks bottle with my name on, which was pretty nice.

The first time that I used it was in the final race of last season. I looked like a complete noob on the grid, trying to get the straw in my helmet. I was trying through the visor, I tried going under my helmet and up… I think I’ve got the hang of it now, but it does require a bit of manoeuvring in amongst the balaclava.

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That is quite important, because I’m not getting in without it. I don’t know if I should say this story, but I actually dropped it down the drain the other week, when I was coming to the track. It slipped out of my hands when I was walking to the track, over a drain, and it just fell right in there. I then had to walk through the paddock with a glove on, carrying the dirty pass until I could clean it. The weird thing is, I was walking to the track the day before and thought, Jesus, it would suck if I dropped this down the drain. Of course, the next morning that’s exactly what I did.


Keeps my legs and body limber during the week. I would like to say that it is a nice item to have, but it just causes pain more often than not. You feel good afterwards, but during it isn’t particularly pleasant. It isn’t too bad if you are already fresh, but if you are tight after a race, or after a gym session, then it is definitely not your friend while you’re using it.