Ido Cohen is the latest driver to go through who would make up his ultimate driver. The Rodin Carlin driver picks his legends that combine overtaking prowess, qualifying speed and style to complete the perfect racing driver.

Here is who Cohen picked.


“I would say Fernando Alonso. I was always a big fan of Alonso and I think he has quite a lot of experience and it really shows. You can see a lot of situations where he uses his intelligence to outsmart other drivers and get impressive results even if the car isn’t capable of that.”


“Ayrton Senna. He’s famous for how good he was in the wet and I’m a really big Senna fan regardless. He just knew how to find the limit in the wet conditions and was really quick which is quite difficult and the most important thing in those conditions.”


“I think Max Verstappen. He’s incredibly consistent, been qualifying first for a few years now and he’s obviously found the way to be consistent and a fast driver. So that’s really interesting.”

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“Lewis Hamilton. He is one of the most successful drivers in F1 and I think he’s really impressive and a really fast driver. The way he corners is quite impressive.”


“I would probably pick Fernando Alonso again. I think he’s very passionate and will always seize the opportunity when he has it which is something I really appreciate and think highly of. So I think he always sees the opportunities and you can see that in the way he drives, he’s quite brave.”

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“Sergio Perez. He’s really well known for how he manages the tyres and how he does that in quite an interesting way in the past. It’s been on multiple occasions throughout his career like in Abu Dhabi 2021 when he stayed out longer to delay Hamilton. Also opportunities he got earlier in his career came from how he managed to save tyres, he’s always managed to pull it off in a really good way.”

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“I would probably pick Senna again. He was famous for his risk taking as well. He was very passionate about his driving and took quite a lot of risk sometimes. Most times it paid off but also in some situations, it didn’t quite pay off, but that’s part of what made him so good. He managed to make it pay off more times than not which is very nice.”


“I would pick an aggressive driving style. I just really like to watch drivers when they have an aggressive style, it just creates more interest and some more interesting situations. I think as a viewer as someone who watches racing, I would definitely pick aggressive.”


“I will go with Michael Schumacher. He’s a really impressive driver and one of the most successful drivers in the sport as well. He’s finished first so many times from whatever position so I will choose him.”