We hand the reigns over to Liam Lawson who crafts a new addition to the FIA Formula 3 calendar. Choosing everything from the country, to the celebrities that he would invite, the MP Motorsport man creates a new race weekend.

Where would the race be held?

New Zealand. I would have the race in Queenstown. There is already a track about half an hour from there: the Highlands Motorsport Park, but I would build the track in Queenstown.

The scenery around there is really, really nice and it would be close to some mountains. I would place it next to a really big lake, with lots of greenery.

Street or track race?

A normal track, but on the limits. So, it would be grass and gravel, without tarmac or run-offs. There would be a lot of elevation as well, and I would have a bridge and a tunnel. It would be quite a long track, with quite a lot of corners, maybe 18-20. A real mixture though, some high-speed, some low-speed, with lots of different elevation. Camber corners, off-camber corners, big curbs.

I would have really nice facilities around the track. We would put a lot of money into it and have a really nice pitlane and nice pit-garages. I would also create a go-kart track on-sight that is exactly the same as the race track.

Day or night race?

That’s a tough one, because I really like night races, they are really cool. It could be held in the day or the night, I think. I would have it start in the afternoon and go into the night.

Wet or dry race?

A mixture. The race would start off dry, nice and sunny, but then really quickly go into this massive thunderstorm with a lot of rain. We would then all have to come in and change to the wets and finish the race in the wet.

What celebrity would attend the race?

I honestly have no idea... Maybe Emily Ratajkowski, she is cool, so I’ll go with her, but honestly, I am not really sure.