Stepping up as 2020 ADAC Formula 4 champion, Red Bull junior Jonny Edgar has high expectations for himself in Formula 3 this season. We get to know the Carling Buzz Racing driver a little better with an inside look at his biggest achievements, his racing heroes, and his favourite tracks.

NAME: Jonny Edgar DATE OF BIRTH: 13/02/2004 NATIONALITY: British 2021 TEAM: Carlin Buzz Racing


“The first thing that I can remember is just being at racetracks in general. When I was around two-years-old, my dad was racing himself, and so was my uncle, so I just remember being at tracks from quite a young age watching on.

“My dad, Justin Edgar, raced at British level. He was a British karting champion four times. My uncle, Jason Edgar, was champion a couple of times as well. My uncle on my mum’s side of the family, Robert Jenkinson, raced too, and that’s how my mum and dad met.”

Edgar comes from a racing family


“I would say that I am fairly smooth with everything, I’m not really that aggressive. If I need to be a little aggressive, then I can be, but I would say that on average I am quite smooth.”


“Probably the ADAC F4 championship, which I won last season. The season started off really well and I won the first two races.

“Races 1 and 2 were from qualifying grids and I was always pretty strong in those, but then in Race 3, something always went wrong, and it was always something different. I had such bad luck in Race 3.

“Even when things went wrong, I managed to get the best that I could out of the situation. Sometimes, it is just as important to minimise a points loss as it is to win races.”

Edgar said that winning the ADAC F4 Championship was probably his greatest achievement


“When I was younger, I always enjoyed watching Sebastian Vettel at Red Bull. I liked the team back then. Red Bull were winning, and Vettel was really good with them.

“At the moment, I would say Max Verstappen, how he races, how fast he is, he is obviously really good.”


“Probably Zandvoort, I did some test days on the new track and I really enjoyed it, especially the new Turn 4.”