Get to know MP Motorsport's Kush Maini as he runs through his driving style, favourite track and who his pick is for racing hero.

NAME: Kush Maini DATE OF BIRTH: 22/09/2000 NATIONALITY: Indian 2022 TEAM: MP Motorsport


"I grew up in Bangalore, India, went to school there, but I moved to the UK quite early on for karting. Then I've also lived in Italy in Switzerland, so I've been about. The last four years, I've lived in the UK and that's where I conduct all my training and I think it's just an easier base than India even though I'd love to live at home. It's just too far away."


"My first win in karts when I was 10 in the Indian National Championship.

"The fact that there were a lot of drivers older than me, Jehan (Daruvala) was racing in it. It was a good race to win. I had never won before that year and it was the last one, I just managed to win it. So that gave me confidence."

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"I would say aggressive. Of course it just depends on the situation. If it's a track with a lot of high-speed corners, you want to go easy on the steering. Whereas if you take a race situation, you know if you're starting second or third, you've got to be smart."


"I would say for sure, (Ayrton) Senna, but to be a bit different - Jim Clark. I love the history and I think one of the reasons I like him is he never really went over the limit. He was always right on the edge. But when you look at his onboards or whatever, when drivers describe how he was so smooth and never really made any errors.

"So that's just out of the car, his whole personality was just - you could be really good friends with him or you see some stills or pictures or videos of him where you'd be quite scared to race against him, so I really liked the way he was."

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"I would say my 2020 year in British Formula 3. We had a really good lead in the first half the season by like 60 points or something and it was looking good. Obviously I finished second but I think that year, we were the new team coming into the Championship and we really gave Carlin, which was one of the best in that Championship at the time, a run for their money. So I would say that year was quite good."


"I think the discipline it teaches you. I think it just improves you as a person. There's a lot more structure in your life. The last few years when I've got really serious with the racing, I think my life structure has changed. I'm really focused on the training so I think it's the qualities that it teaches you."


"Silverstone - I drove there a lot in British F3 so I know it pretty well and I just love the atmosphere. And I get to sleep in my own bed."