For Gabriele Minì, the 2023 season had it’s ups and downs, but the Hitech Pulse-Eight driver has stayed strong throughout. That is partly down to the influence on his career and the inspiration he finds alongside the work he puts in to maximise his performance.

The Italian driver goes through the individuals who have had the biggest impact on his racing career both in and out of the car, from karts all the way through to FIA Formula 3.


“The main one I would have to say is my father. He’s been there since day one when I was born, and he’s made me the person I am today. He’s always taught me what is right because that’s always important. He’s been with me through the low moments and all the happy moments too. Of course, I think he’s the main reason I’m here. It’s thanks to him and the sacrifices he’s done to bring me to karting. We aren’t a rich family, my father is a mechanic, so we didn’t have the money to do a season in Formula 4 or even karting. So, he brought me up through the levels helping me in and out of the car and then I got picked up by good teams, and they helped us save a lot of money. Thanks to my father, I’m here. Without him, I wouldn’t have been seen by Nicholas Todt, and wouldn’t be here today. He’s the main person and influence in my life is my father.

“He was into motorsport. My first present wasn’t Lego or something like that, it was a go kart. My father was into motorsport, my grandfather was into motorsport and I’m sure his father was into motorsport too. He’s always helped me, was good at fixing things in karting for me.”

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“He’s helped me a lot on the mental side of things, inside the car and out. He’s told me what’s good to do and he’s given me a lot of help and still does. We always talk on race weekends, both before and after races. He’s really influenced me well in and out of motorsport.

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“The early days of racing in cars when I began working with him in 2018, that’s when I started working with him pretty seriously. Every suggestion and thing they gave me was really helpful. He’s the owner of the gym in Viareggio but he’s not the only one giving me the help, all the people involved in that help too, psychologists also. They’re a big help for my racing and my life."

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“Since I’m a driver I’m looking at a lot of other drivers’ careers. Esteban Ocon through Alpine and Charles Leclerc who I know through All Road Management, I know about their story. I don’t know intricate details they’re the only ones who have lived through it, but I really liked how their story is not too different from that of a normal person. They changed a lot of bad aspects that could negatively impact them and turned that into a strength on track that has benefitted them. They remind me that even in the face of bad things, you have to stand up, never give up and try to do better for the next time.

“The drivers that have the mental strength to turn tough things into a strength, first of all it’s very impressive, and second, it’s a motivation for me. That’s what I’m aiming for as I move through the categories.”