What does a Championship leader bring to a racetrack with him? Dennis Hauger gives the lowdown on what items are key for him during a race weekend.

The PREMA Racing driver brought along some vital components from the car, a lucky necklace and his trusty notebook.


“When I initially saw the interview on my planner, I only saw the name ‘Gearbox’ and the brief description ‘bring four to five items.’ I had seen a video somewhere, I cannot remember where, and I thought that I was going to have to go through the gearbox, guessing what certain parts were and then explain what they did.

“I should probably already know what everything does, but there are so many parts that it is easy to forget. I wanted to be prepared, so I started looking it up in the evening, but then the next day, I found out that ‘gearbox’ is just the nickname and that the feature is actually about something completely different!

“I had been quite on it with the research and I was fully prepared to explain what all of the parts done, I had gotten really into it. I was ready to sit here and explain how the torque increases when the speed reduces and everything like that.

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“I didn’t want it to be a wasted evening, though, so I have brought some parts along anyway. Firstly, it is the clutch shaft, which connects the engine and the gearbox.

“When it is engaged, the engine goes around, but it doesn't go with the gearbox, so when you release the clutch, it connects with the gearbox and makes the car drive. It is basically an engaging and unengaging transmission.”


“This one is pretty straightforward, although I haven’t had to use it yet… Hopefully, I don't have to use it too much, if at all, for the rest of the season. Only in my road car.”


“My grandmother brought me this when I was 11 after I did my first international karting race. She brought it for good luck, it’s got my star sign on it, which is Pisces, and my name. I always have it with me for good luck. I’ve taken it to every single race since.”

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“Since I started racing, I have always used a notebook. I have used different notebooks throughout racing, but I’ve had this particular one since my first year in cars.

“I like to use both notepads and my laptop. In debriefs, we are using computers, but I think it is nice to write things down outside of that because it sticks in your head more. I like to use it before a race weekend as it helps me to get my head around things better.”