With the only limit being his imagination, Ido Cohen lays out his dream home race for the Formula 3 calendar.

The Jenzer Motorsport driver would incorporate fast sweeps, quick chicanes and plenty of heavy braking to ensure a lively event right by the beach.

What country would you hold the race in and what city?

“I’d do the race in Israel, Tel Aviv because that’s where I live. I think it would have a great atmosphere because Tel Aviv is a great city, the weather is nice all year long. Lately with Covid, it’s difficult to get people to come over and watch so if it will be close to where I live then all my family and friends will be able to come and watch.

“Obviously because there are no competitions in Israel it’s hard for me. It’s very big for drivers to race at home countries or even cities. The atmosphere is completely different, so I’d like to have that experience.”

Would it be a street circuit or a normal circuit?

“It would be a normal circuit, outside the city with a fast sequence of corners. Mugello is one of my favourite circuits, so I’d probably take Mugello’s middle sector and the end of the first sector with the quick chicanes and the long rights heading towards the other chicane.

“I’d start off with that and then have quite a long straight and a big braking zone, so we’d be able to have some good overtaking and then a hairpin probably. Then I’ll take Maggotts and Becketts from Silverstone because these are the types of corners I enjoy the most. I’d probably have another long straight after that, something similar to Silverstone and then a big braking zone again so it can be a good racing circuit for overtakes.

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“Then I think I’d end it with the last sector of Red Bull Ring, the fast left-hander and then small straight and then the two right-handers. That sounds like a good track to me.”

What kind of scenery would surround the circuit?

“It will be quite big and open, not a closed and tight track. There will be some trees around. Tel Aviv has a really nice beach so maybe next to the beach so it’s overlooking it. It will have some big grandstands for the fans so they can come and see the races because it really adds to the racing.”

Would it be a day race or night race?

“It will be a day race. It’ll be really good as a day race.”

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Would you prefer it to be a dry race or a wet race?

“I would say if we have only one race, I’d like it to be a dry race. But if we have a whole weekend there with more than one race then I’d like it to have a bit of everything. I really like driving in wet conditions, so I’d enjoy it if it was mixed conditions over the race weekend.”

Which celebrity would you invite to attend the race?

“I’d invite Ayrton Senna. It would be cool to have him there. He is my idol. When I was a little kid karting, I watched his documentary movie and it really got to me. I’m looking forward to being like him.”