Carlin’s Enzo Trulli delves into what traits would comprise his version of the ultimate racing driver.

Using elements from the greatest drivers throughout single-seater history, Trulli focuses on smooth driving, experience and one-lap pace, naturally.

Who would you take for the brain?

“Probably (Alain) Prost. They call Prost The Professor.”

What about for driving in the rain?

“We saw Lewis (Hamilton) doing amazing things. Also Max (Verstappen), so both. Maybe more Lewis for the experience but they are both great drivers. I remember the race in 2008 at Silverstone. Max in Brazil in 2016. (It’s) difficult to pick.”

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And driving in the dry?

“There are a lot of drivers. This year I think Charles (Leclerc) is on top of the list, he’s doing an amazing job at Ferrari. Also Lewis, even this year, the car is struggling but he’s always trying to do his best.”

Qualifying, a person who is good over one lap?

“Senna. I’d say Senna. Oh and my father (Jarno Trulli), he did amazing on the one lap. So Senna and my father and we can mix them.”


“It’s a difficult one. Last year we saw Max have insane speed around the corners, so probably I’d go with Max.”

Tyre management?

“I will pick out Lewis. I think he’s the one who can manage the speed and tyre management. He’s really good in Qualifying and really good in the race but we’ve seen he can manage the tyres while going faster and faster every lap.”

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And a driver for risk taking?

“Max and Senna. They are both…they take a lot of risks. If you don’t take risks, you don’t know where the limit is. But I’d go with Senna.”

Would you want a driver who is smooth or aggressive?

“I am a driver who is really smooth with the car, keeping the turn as smooth as possible so I’d go with smooth. But sometimes you need to be aggressive, in Qualifying you do but in the race more smooth. So you need to change your driving style a bit.”