We hand the reigns over to Marcus Armstrong who crafts a new addition to the FIA Formula 3 calendar. Choosing everything from the country, to the celebrities that he would invite, the PREMA ace creates a new race weekend.

Which country would the race be based in?

I have two alternatives, the first one is just plain and simple - the Macau Grand Prix. Or, I’d take the Macau Grand Prix track and everything about it and put it in New Zealand in front of a home crowd, because I don't think it gets any better than that track. Another option would be a race in Las Vegas - there are so many alternatives, I could come up with a million if you wanted.

Which city in that country?

I’m going to go with the Las Vegas option, and I’d have it on an identical street track to the Macau grand prix.

Would it be a street or a track race?

Street track - I don't know about anyone else, but when I go to Macau and then come back to a normal track, it is almost a bit of a disappointment, because Macau is just mental, it is crazy and I love it. Macau is like the Vegas of Asia, so in a way it’s almost perfect - so let’s just say it is in Vegas (laughs).

Would it be a wet or a dry race?

I’d say drying - the race would start wet and then finish dry. I like the unpredictability of it and I think that the Macau style track in the rain would throw everyone off, and allow for some dude on a wet strategy to come through and win.

Would it be a day or a night race?

If the track is well lit, then I am going for a night race, although it doesn't really make a difference to me.

Which celebrity would attend the event?

I would chose Emily Ratajkowski - it would be cool to have her at a race event, especially if I win.