MP Motorsport's Kush Maini is the latest driver on the Formula 3 grid to join us in detailing who and what factors would make up his ultimate driver.

While the usual suspects in Formula 1 are often the go-to for answers, Maini has a few surprise picks in store from racing's storied past.


“Niki Lauda. His intelligence, setting up the car and knowledge of the car was incredible so for me I would say Lauda.”


“Has to be Ayrton Senna. Just every time it rained, especially in Monaco in the Toleman, he was great in the wet and he was super quick in the dry too."


“Lewis Hamilton. I mean the numbers speak for themselves, don’t they? Qualifying is all about putting everything together because you can’t really try new things, you need to know all of your processes and where the limit is, and he does that so well.”


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“Jim Clark. He was always quick. He was so smooth in the corners and back then, without any data, that's incredible. He was always on the limit, knowing everything is dancing around underneath you and never really going over the limit. He stayed really calm and really smooth.”


“Jenson Button was always good at managing the tyres. Obviously, Montreal 2011 and it was wet then dry, no matter what it was, he was always good at preserving the tyres and staying on it. One of the greatest at it.”

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“I’d go with James Hunt. He was a very risky and ballsy driver, but it paid off in the end when it needed to, and he won the Championship. It didn’t always pay off, but it did when it counted. That’s part of being a risk taker.”


“Aggressive, it’s the style I’ve always preferred. If it’s my ultimate driver then I’d prefer him to be aggressive. Max Verstappen is quick, super-fast and not scared of anything.”