Thoughts from Maloney, Bearman and Crawford

FIA Formula 3: Zane Maloney P1 in today’s FIA Formula 3 Feature Race here in Monza. It was a very busy race, just give us your initial thoughts.

Zane Maloney: The race was very good. We got a good start into the lead and at the Safety Car restart I went a bit too early. The slipstream is massive here, so I got overtaken, and went back to P3. But we had amazing pace, the car was great, and I was able to get in the lead again. Ollie was catching the whole race and he was really fast. Obviously, I'm very happy to win, happy to win the race three in a row. I'm really happy.

FIA Formula 3: Like you say, it’s been three Feature Race wins in a row, it's been a real charge for you towards the end of this season? It seems there’s been strong progression for you in your rookie year?

Maloney: I think I've just been putting it together a bit more. We've always been fast all year, I just needed to put it together and the last four rounds we've been able to do that. I'm just grateful to the team for the car that they keep giving me. I tried my best until the end.

FIA Formula 3: Finally, how do you reflect on your rookie season in Formula 3?

Maloney: I've had a lot of fun. Of course, I made way too many mistakes at the beginning of the year, which cost us many points in the Championship. I'm satisfied with the last half, but the first half was almost a disaster, so I need to continue the momentum from here and go into the offseason and into the next season. Whatever I do, being strong from the beginning is what I plan on doing.

FIA Formula 3: Many congratulations. Oliver Bearman, P2 in today's FIA Formula 3 Feature Race, here in Monza. It was an eventful race. Tell us what it was like from inside the car.

Oliver Bearman: It was a good race overall, there was a lot of mess up front. I managed to make up a position on the first lap, then I lost it again. But no, it was a good race, everyone kind of crashed in front of me. I don't know what to say, three cars just went left so I gained three positions like that. From there I knew I could fight for the win. I managed to pass Victor and I was catching up on Zane, but he employed some tactics which meant I couldn't pass him, so it was a good race.

FIA Formula 3: And there were quite a few battles with your teammates today, talk to us about those as well.

Bearman: I battled Arthur in Lap 1, I managed to pass him and then he passed me on the Safety Car restart, so good job there. Then he let me into the podium points so thanks for that, yeah, it was good.

FIA Formula 3: And you’re ending your season on the podium. How would you sum up this year for yourself and what does it mean to finish the year on another Feature Race podium here in Monza?

Bearman: I think I look back thinking of all the races where I needlessly lost points, but anyway, hindsight is 2020. I'm happy to finish on the podium. Happy to finish top three in the Championship, and that’s it until next year!

FIA Formula 3: Well done Ollie. Jak Crawford, P3 in today's FIA Formula 3 Feature Race here in Monza. It was a very busy race, what was like from the cockpit?

Jak Crawford: Yeah, it was pretty crazy. There was a lot going on, especially in the first half of the race. I was really quick at the beginning, then after the Safety Car and everything got settled, I was in 4th and I was pushing a lot to try and catch the top three because I just lost DRS when there was the crash. That caused me to get lots of trye degradation and I wasn't able to catch. I sort of let Alatalo go and just sat behind in the DRS to save the tyres a bit. Then as soon as I was eyeing up to make a move again, there was the Red Flag, so it was the end of the race. Then, luckily, we got on the podium by penalties.

FIA Formula 3: Finishing the season here at Monza on the podium, what does that mean?

Crawford: Yeah, it means a lot. It's been a difficult second half of the season. Ever since I won at the Red Bull ring I haven't had a podium, and it's really been a rough couple of weeks since then. Looking back, it's good to be back on the podium and really end this season on a high.

FIA Formula 3: How do you reflect on the season as a whole? What are the highs?

Crawford: I mean it it it's not the season I wanted. We've had very good moments where we've been some of the fastest and then other moments where I've made mistakes and let myself down. Although it wasn't the year I wanted, I've learned so much this year that will make me a better driver in the future.

FIA Formula 3: Thank you very much and well done again today.