About the FIA

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The governing body of global motor sport, the FIA regulates and adjudicates at many hundreds of events across a huge variety of series around the world. From single-seaters, endurance racing and rallying to electric and new energy championships and the huge number of regional and grassroots events that take place around the world, the FIA’s passion for motor sport remains constant as it ensures safe and fair competition for all.

The third rung on the FIA’s ladder towards the top levels of racing competition, the international FIA Formula 3 Championship sees drivers graduating from the FIA’s Formula Regional competitions in Europe, Asia, Japan and the Americas being afforded the chance to demonstrate their talent alongside the stars of F1 on Grand Prix weekends.

Representing a significant step up in power and complexity on the levels below, the FIA Formula 3 Championship provides aspiring champions with a tough test of every facet of their skillset as they continued their progress toward the pinnacle of motor sport.

The FIA governs F3’s technical and sporting regulations, and appoints the FIA officials who ensure that those regulations are adhered to at all times. It also maintains the highest safety standards of the cars and circuits and provides a driver training specific to the discipline.