Roman Stanek joins us for an in-depth look at his race weekend essentials. From iPads and AirPods to helmets and hats and much more, we find out what the grid can’t travel without.

The Hitech Grand Prix racer talks through a selection of items that are focused on keeping his stomach full and his mind focused…


“Every driver has something like this. Juggling balls are a really important part of my pre-race routine. They help me to focus because you are concentrating so hard on the balls, and they also get you warmed up. They’re probably the number one part of my warm-up/

“I have a skipping rope as well, but I don’t like that as much! I also have some stretching bands.”


“Either myself or my coach makes up a healthy cocktail mix for me to drink before or in-between sessions. We use avocados, bananas, milk and other fruits and I have it as a snack if I get hungry.”

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“I take the cap with me everywhere. I have used the same cap since 2019 and it has become a ritual to take it everywhere with me. It looks a bit old now, but it’s okay. The only other ritual I have is that I have to get in the car from the left side.”


“I take headphones with me everywhere that I go. I really enjoy music, it helps me to relax and it also motivates me. There is a series called Le casse de papel and it has some really good music in, there is one called Bella ciao el, and I really enjoy this song."

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“There are many more snacks that I bring with me, but nuts are my favourite, they’re healthy and good to snack on. I eat a lot, so I cannot have anything like snickers, I have to buy healthier snacks and nuts are good.”