Every racing driver has their own weekend essentials, but Victor Martins’ are particular unique. We asked the French ART Grand Prix driver what he cannot live without at a track, and he included some patriotic underwear, a human being and his brother’s bracelet.

Here’s why…


“This is my underwear! I need to wear these pairs on a race weekend. I have a blue pair, a white pair and a red pair for the French flag: blue for Friday, white for Saturday and red for Sunday.

“I first did this in karting, and you know how it is, one race weekend goes well and you have to keep doing it. Don't worry, I regularly buy new ones, these aren't the same ones I used in karting! And they are all clean, I promise! It is part of my routine.”


“My brother's bracelet. This was Nicolas’ when he was younger. When I was younger, I was in the house and wanted to wear a bracelet, and I found this one and decided to wear it for a race weekend.

“My brother has always been with me since karting, he used to be my mechanic, and he is always coming to race weekends with me, and so I wanted to wear something for him. It is important to me.

“He didn't notice for a little while, but now he makes sure that I always wear it at race weekends. Again, it is part of my routine. It gives me confidence and reminds me of his support.”

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“These are pretty normal, I use them for the warm-ups. I always listen to music. This is my moment to focus and think about the session. I switch these on, and I don't let people distract me. I need to have them on a race weekend.

“Before a session, I like to listen to US rap, mostly, as it gives me motivation and determination. Otherwise, I listen to French songs – again, mostly rap music.”


“The most important! I always carry my foam roller around with me. It's important to massage your muscles and prepare them before and after sessions. I use it before I sleep, and at home - it is always with me.

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“This is Carlos, he's my trainer. Carlos is Spanish. He is here to support me and motivate me however I need: I can punch him, he can massage me and he helps me work out. He can do some tricks as well!

“He is really important on a race weekend, but the most important thing about Carlos is the person that he is, he teaches me a lot.”